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AmoK MP3 ReEncoder
-- Freeware (100% free for private and commercial use) --
AmoK MP3 ReEncoder 1.1.0 | 03.01.2011 | Author: Andreas Krist | OS: Windows  Linux  Macintosh  
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Screenshot AmoK MP3 ReEncoder  
AmoK MP3 ReEncoder re-encodes MP3s to a lower bitrate. We developed the software for those people who

1) downloaded an MP3 with very high quality (e.g. 320 kbit/s) but just want it to be stored in reasonable quality (e.g. 196 kbits) on their hard drive to save disk space

2) want to copy as much MP3s as possible to their MP3-Player with limited storage capacity.

To accomplish the re-endocing of MP3s, AmoK MP3 ReEncoder offers all required features. It can process single files or thousands of them (and read in complete folders including subfolders). Due to its support for multi-core CPUs, several MP3s can be reencodet at the same time. The Software uses the LAME encoder for high quality results with small file size, offers a user friendly GUI with drag & drop support, and profiles for different users can be created. The reenconding can take place with a fixed bitrate between 8 and 320 kbp/s or a variable bitrate between V0 and V9.

In addition, AmoK MP3 Reencoder has a sophisticated conflict management and offers various rules how to deal with MP3s having a lower/higher bit rate than the target bit rate and MP3s that already exist in the target folder.

Finally, AmoK MP3 ReEncoder is offered for any major operating System (Windows, Linux, Mac OS). One special feature is that AmoK MP3 ReEncoder keeps the MP3s' metadata (ID3 tag) which is not the case with many other programs. And last but not least: AmoK MP3 ReEncoder can also handle WAV and Flac files as input and convert them to MP3.

Please note: Each time you re-encode an MP3, quality is reduced and not restorable.


Re-encoding of MP3 to MP3 with fixed bitrate between 8 and 320 kbps
Re-encoding of MP3s with variable bitrate between V0 and V9
Conserves MP3 meta data (ID3 tags)
MP3, Flac and WAV as input
Uses the famous LAME encoder for (re)encoding the MP3s
Runs on all major operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS)
Works with single files or all MP3s contained in specific folders and its subfolders
Creation of user profiles
Re-Encodes several MP3s at the same time (supports multi-core CPUs)
Conflict management for bitrate conflicts and existing files
100% free for private and commercial use
Free English support via email


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Version 1.1.0 (03.01.2011)
- Viele neue Kopieroptionen
Complete History


Click on the following link for downloadingAmoK MP3 ReEncoder.

Download AmoK MP3 ReEncoder 1.1.0