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AmoK Exif Sorter
-- Freeware (100% free for private and commercial use) --
AmoK Exif Sorter 3.23 | 13.02.2024 | Author: Andreas | OS: Windows  Linux  Macintosh  
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can AmoK Exif Sorter handle video files (avi, mpeg, ...), NEF files or other types of raw images (e.g. from Nikon, Canon, Sony or Pentax)?
No, not yet but probably in version 3.0 which will be released somewhen in the future. Up to then you can use the "Process Homonymous Files" option in AmoK Exif Sorter. If you have a JPG file called e.g. IMG_1344.jpg and you have a raw file called IMG_1344.raw or IMG_1344.nef or a video file called IMG_1344.avi etc. than AmoK Exif Sorter will rename the raw and video files corresponding to the JPEG file.

Is there a portable version of AmoK Exif Sorter to run it e.g. from a USB stick?
To run AmoK Exif Sorter as a "portable" version e.g. from a USB Stick, start the software via command line or batch file as follows:
java -Duser.home=. -jar Exifsorter.jar

Why is AmoK Exif Sorter not running on my 64 Bit System?
It doesn't matter which system you have, important is the Java version you have installed. If you have a 32Bit Java installed (even on your 64Bit System), you need the 32Bit AmoK Exif Sorter. So, if the 64Bit AmoK Exif Sorter is not running on your system, try the 32Bit version instead (and vice versa)