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AmoK Playlist Copy v2.21
Fixed an issue with WPL playlist.

AmoK Exif Sorter 3.1.0 released
The new version has a major new feature (resolve GPS to city name) and many other improvements.

AmoK Exif Sorter 3.01 released
Andreas updated AmoK Exif Sorter 3.01 with many small features and enhancements. Enhancement: preview table is now a tree and sidecar files are visualized as child elements Enhancement: added new format tag for current directory name: %dirname% Enhancement: updated included Java runtime to version 17 Enhancement: added new tag %dirname% Enhancement: improved high DPI icon support Fix: column Management: Column Filename can be configured again Fix: tag completion dialog was not working on Windows Fix: fixed saving of profiles Fix: repaired profile migration Fix: restored tag %filename% Fix: macOS: colon character is no longer allowed for file names and directory names Fix:: tag completion dialog works better on Linux Fix:: improved layout on screens with high zoom level

AmoK SFV Utility 1.05 released
The new version now runs with Windows 7, 10 and 11.

AmoK Playlist Copy v2.10
The new version supports VLC Player playlists in M3U format.

AmoK Exif Sorter 3.0 Released
Andreas released the completely re-worked version 3.0 of AmoK Exif Sorter.

AmoK CD/DVD Burning 2.1 Released
Dirk Paehl rewrote the software entirely. Everything is new and many bugs have been fixed.

AmoK Exif Sorter 2.81 Released
The new version has Added Catalan translation (GrĂ cies Joan! / Thank you Joan!); Application starts again on the latest Mac OS version; New tag Exposure Time (Seconds) which contains the Exposure Time as decimals; New tags File Size (B) , File Size (KiB) and File Size (MiB) which contain the image file size in bytes, kibibytes and mebibytes; Fix: Exposure Time is now rounded (when needed) to fix issues with unusual exposure values used by Smartphone cameras; and Fix: Removed leading and trailing spaces from tag values. This fixes issues with some Olympus cameras.

AmoK Exif Sorter 2.7.0 Released
AmoK Exif Sorter 2.7 works with Java 9, has new name tags ("day_name", "day_name_digitized", "month_name" ...) ... and many small improvements more.

AmoK Exif Sorter 2.6.2 released
The new version offers the following changes - Multiple stability changes and a lot of small improvements
- Over-worked the image viewer
- Thumbnail preview and the image viewer are now respecting the Exif orientation
- File date is now always kept
- The preview table is now sorted case-insensitive
- Improved rename mode and all dialogues
- Added a new dialogue to display processing errors after sorting
- Replaced the text export with a new CSV export
- Updated external dependencies
- Improved OS X support
- Exif Sorter requires now Java 8

AmoK Playlist Copy 2.06 released
The new version supports MPC playlists (incl MPC HC)

Updates from AmoK Playlist Copy and AmoK SFV Utility
We released new versions of AmoK Playlist Copy and AmoK SFV Utility.

Update: AmoK MP3 Reencoder
AmoK MP3 Reencoder now has a sophisticated conflict management and offers various rules how to deal with MP3s having a lower/higher bit rate than the target bit rate and MP3s that already exist in the target folder.

Off Topic: My Experience with Mozy Backup
It's annyoing but you have to do it: Backups. Since a few months I am testing Mozy http://mozy.com/. Mozy offers online backup space for 5$ a month. Overall, my experience is horrible. The software slows down your computer entirely. During backup, your computer is virtually not usable. In addition, the connection to Mozy's backup servers often terminates without reason. Since a few weeks backup doesn't work at all, there is always 17 GB of data left that Mozy does not backup. The support from India does not help either. They are telling you useless "tips" that don't work. Recently, a friend of mine wanted to restore his data and he had to wait for one week (!) until Mozy sent him the downloadlink. Imagine: You have data loss and have to wait one week until getting it back. Therefore, my recommendation: Forget Mozy. Since a few days I am testing BackBlaze and it makes a much better impression.

AmoK DVD Shrinker and AmoK MP3 ReEncoder: Updates
Fixed some problems with AmoK MP3 ReEncoder under Linux. Silent update of AmoK DVD Shrinker (improved support for Windows 7 64Bit)

Update AmoK DVD Shrinker 1.40
New version of AmoK DVD Shrinker can burn ISO and is not recognized as virus (false positive) any more by some AV.

Update AmoK Exif Sorter to version 2.5.5
The new version fixes a problem with the thumbnail preview, time corrections and runs now with 64Bit processors.

Update of AmoK CD/DVD Burning (Version 1.04)
The new version offers enhanced support for Windows XP 64 Bit and Windows Vista (64Bit).

New language packs for DVD Burner and new release of Playlist Copy
We released two new language packs for AmoK CD/DVD Burner (Spanish and Russian) and released the new version 2.04 of AmoK Playlist Copy. In the new version the import of non-winamp playlists via Drag & Drop is supported.

AmoK Exif Sorter 2.54 released
The new version fixes some bugs. Now you can rename files with the same filename (e.g. jpg and avi) properly and the standard profile is used on the software's launch.

AmoK CD/DVD Burning 1.03 released
For the new version, we fixed some bugs and improved the english language file.

New tool for Re-Encoding MP3s: AmoK MP3 ReEncoder
AmoK MP3 ReEncoder re-encodes MP3s to a lower bitrate. We developed the software for those people who 1) downloaded an MP3 with very high quality (e.g. 320 kbit/s) but just want it to be stored in reasonable quality (e.g. 196 kbits) on their hard drive to save disk space. 2) want to copy as much MP3s as possible to their MP3-Player with limited storage capacity.

New Language pack: AmoK SFV Utility
AmoK SFV Utility is now also available in Portuguese/Brazilian thanks to the webmaster of http://www.wendellvaz.com.br

Update AmoK CD/DVD Burning to Version 1.02
The new version offers some small bugfixes and improvements, updated language packs (Turkish, Italian, Dutch), a new language pack (Czech) and new video plugins. In addition we have done a "silent update" and included an Italien language file in AmoK SFV utility 1.03.

Update of AmoK Exif Sorter (2.52)
After more than one year we released the new version of AmoK Exif Sorter with improved multi-monitor support, many bug fixes, new format tags and much more new features.

Update: AmoK Playlist Copy 2.03
The new version of AmoK Playlist Copy checks if enough free disk space is available on the target drive. Additionally, songs can be copied via artist or genre.

AmoK LEO Translator Update 1.03: Italien and Chinese
The new version supports now translations from Italian and Chinese to German and the other way around.

Update AmoK CD/DVD Burning: Version 1.01
The new version offers an improved language support, deactivated skin support for win98 and an update-check.

Update of AmoK Playlist Copy: Version 2.02
The new version of AmoK Playlist Copy displays the duration of the songs and entire playlist.

Update of AmoK SFV Utility (v1.03)
In version 1.03 a bug is fixed that caused a software crash when a checksum of a zero byte file was calculated.

AmoK in English
It took ages but now the english version of our website is available. We hope you enjoy the website and our software and we are looking forward for feedback!